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Our Story

Where It All Started

The Bamboo Beach wave was first envisioned by it's founders Nicole Jankowski and Anxhelo Taho. They were passionate and experienced travelers that enjoyed immersing themselves in local food and culture wherever they visited. The idea of a healthy, sustainable, and beach-vibe-oriented juice bar originated on the lush and exotic island of Tenerife, of the Canary Islands. The founders savored the local recipes they experienced and having lived in New England their whole lives, they were inspired to bring the paradise and relaxation they found abroad back home.

Upon graduating their respective colleges and several years after their original trip, the pair decided it was time to make their vision a reality. With this, the idea of Bamboo Beach grew and one blender has turned into a thriving business. While Bamboo Beach Juice Bar began at a small café on the beach of Tenerife, it is now flourishing in the energetic South Boston area, just several minutes from both the local beaches and the city.

Nicole Jankowski & Anxhelo Taho, Founders